Frit Casting in Clay with Martine Marceau


This exciting new class is offered by clay and glass artist Martine Marceau. In two sessions students will learn how to create a clay mould for casting a glass leaf. Martine will demonstrate how to prepare the mould and how to manipulate the shape of the glass in hot and cold techniques. Each student will create a clay mould and a glass leaf. These techniques can be adapted for all kinds of cast glass designs. Both clay and glass can be fired in the kilns at Current Works of Glass.

Dates: Saturday, February 9th & 23rd 2-4pm

Fee: $150/student (includes all tools and materials)


About Martine:

"Glass radiates, reflects and absorbs colour, this is what fascinates me."

Martine's colourful art glass depicts both geometric and natural themes using glass in many of its forms.Martine cuts and crushes glass, composes in layers and  melts it together in a kiln to create original bowls, platters, free-standing art pieces. She makes her own organically shaped casting clay moulds to create the forms she desires.

Martine also works in Pâte de Verre, making her negative plaster moulds from forms made out of clay or out of what nature provides.  She then covers the inside walls of the plaster mould with glass frit connected with a binder.  This is a slow but rewarding process.

Martine's colour sensibility is influenced by the years she spent  living in Japan. Her recent visit  to Kyoto has inspired a mask series she is presently working on.

Martine Marceau has been working with glass for the last 10 years and has joined Loretta Studios and Gallery in March of 2016.